N3P on site plant - overview

Construction sites and production facilities are merging into one.

The high-performance N3P increases the need for local manpower and minimises transport requirements. The plant consistently delivers the highest level of structural quality from the beginning of the project until the end. Once the construction of buildings is complete on the one project site, the N3P can simply be dismantled and relocated to the next construction site.

The N3P takes up no more space than 2 or 3 hectares and comprises the following areas:

Number 1


Number 2

  • Storage area for curing the precast
    concrete elements

Number 3

  • Container for tools and spare parts

Number 4

  • Concrete mixing station & raw materials storage

Number 5

  • Houses under construction

Number 6

  • Completed houses

Number 7

  • Occupied houses

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Facts and Figures at a Glance

Global flexibility


  • The site plant can be used anywhere in the world due to its portability
  • Both assembly and dismantling of the plant are completed in just 4 to 6 weeks
  • Tried-and-trusted transport solution ensures the quick and efficient unloading of standard containers (40 ft)

A ‘plug & play’ plant


  • 1 duplex battery with 14 + 7 butterfly formworks
  • 12 partition walls
  • Integrated technical infrastructure for electricity and water connections
  • Two integrated 12.5-tonne cranes
  • Waterproof tent 70 x 15.1 x 12.6 metres
  • Rotary distributer

Local added value


  • Employment and training of local workforce to enable operation of the N3P with maximum productivity levels
  • Local procurement, management and transport of materials

Productivity & profitability


  • Efficient, high-yield production process (up to 300,000 m² elements/year)
  • Production is not weather-dependent
  • Shell construction costs reduced by between 9% and 40%
  • Construction time shortened by between 60% and 80%

Technical support


  • Design of box-outs & stop-ends
  • Design of rebar gauge tables
  • Advice on technical aspects, based on
    locally available materials
  • Support with building design

Technical support


  • Assembly and dismantling of the N3P
  • Training of the local team during the
    start-up phase
  • Implementation of a 3-shift system


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