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The innovative NEULANDT 3P (N3P) is our answer to growing global challenges

11 billion people will need housing.

In 2050, almost 11 billion people will live on our planet. The demand for housing is growing strongly. Innovative construction methods are required to build fast and cost-effective.

Butterfly Technology.

Experience the story of butterflies and how to create housing for the world.


Your Portable Precast Plant (N3P) for the industrialized production of concrete precast elements for housing - worldwide.


Transform today‘s world into tomorrow‘s living space

The challenge: The world's population is growing. How can we create affordable housing for everyone?

Our answer: NEULANDT 3P - Your Portable Precast Plant (N3P) for the
industrialized production of concrete precast elements - worldwide.

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We have developed the NEULANDT 3P (N3P) as a portable on-site plant to be used for the industrial mass production of precast concrete elements. The concept revolves around innovative butterfly formwork technology, which is based on hinged steel formwork. This technology enables wall and ceiling elements (including box-outs for openings, reinforcement and built-in technical fittings) to be prepared ergonomically in a horizontal position, before the concrete is poured in a vertical position in the battery. Used in combination with our planning and service tools, the N3P results in an efficient production process cycle while the integrated infrastructure enables a constantly high level of quality and a simple ‘plug & play’ method of construction.


The N3P enables the simultaneous optimisation of the construction time, quality and cost. The three key benefits of this technology are increased speed, lower cost and better quality. Time savings are the result of the butterfly formwork technology enabling a standardised production process. Cost savings are the result of producing the precast elements directly on the construction site, using local labourers who have been trained in the technology. Standardised quality over the entire length of the construction project is guaranteed by clearly defined production and quality control processes.


N3P Technology

NEULANDT butterfly technology

The N3P revolves around the innovative butterfly technology, which is based on hinged steel formwork.

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N3P is a versatile solution for a range of applications:


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